Immercio leads the way in business and training applications for 3D virtual reality. We are best known for our success at Help People® Island in Second Life; introducing our 3D Virtual Immersive Environment (VIE) to more than 250,000 individuals in 2009 alone. To accomplish that feat in this new medium, we had to apply proven business principles, and make up a few on the way.

We have a core group of 13 individuals from Europe and the United States, all with a passion for helping people, and all with a passion for the future of 3D VIE technology. Our certified Help People® support staff – numbering more than 200 from around the world, have been trained to help usher new users into the 3D VIE experience. With a “resident retention” 3 to 4 times greater than leading Virtual World platforms, Help People® has established the standard of excellence for the 3D VIE new user experience.

From building to scripting to helping others grow their businesses in 3D VIE, Immercio offers a complete turn-key package for businesses to enter the 3D Virtual World quickly. Our professional staff will help you get started successfully. You'll be having more productive meetings and training sessions, while saving time and thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel expenses.

By honoring our commitment to helping people, Immercio's mission is to become the most prolific provider of 3D Virtual World business communication solutions by providing clients the highest level of customer service and technical support available in the Virtual World, resulting in the rapid deployment of, successful entry into and ease of use within 3D Virtual Immersive Environments for our clients, thus making Immercio the clear leader in its industry.


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