Immercio's 3D Virtual Immersive Environment empowers your organization with a wide range of applications. Leverage Immercio's delivery platform in unlimited ways for training and other business collaboration to achieve efficiency, effectiveness, convenience and cost savings.

Save time, money and the frustration of travel. Bring classroom training into a truly virtual classroom with Immercio's 3D Virtual Immersive Environment (VIE). Blended learning is ideal in 3D VIE. Expand upon traditional face-to-face (F2F) classroom training with post-training in Immercio's Virtual World classrooms. Bring the same group of learners together with a mouse click. Build upon the foundational principles learned F2F with shorter training sessions spread over a longer period of time to dramatically increase training outcomes, knowledge retention and absorptive capacity.

Don't let the time, cost, and challenge of bringing students together in a traditional classroom get in the way of real learning. Don't sacrifice the shortcomings of delivering training with Web-conferencing tools designed for meetings – not training. Tap into the power of social learning achieved through deep immersion and student interaction. Host your next training session in a 3D environment.

There is a lot of talk and hype in the training industry around what are being called “virtual classrooms”. Truth be told, most of the “virtual classrooms” being touted are not truly virtual classrooms.

So what's the difference? Immercio offers a 3D environment. We enable you to meet in a place, a location, a physical space with other people – virtually. Contrast this with flat environment virtual classrooms which only allow you connect on a glorified web-conference.

Virtual classrooms in a 3D virtual environment are far more compelling than virtual classrooms in a flat environment. Our 3D Virtual Classrooms are pre-built and ready for immediate use. We also offer custom builds so you may create unique classroom environments to suit your specific training needs. Immercio offers the next generation in the evolution of virtual classroom technology – today. Welcome to the future.

Virtual Classroom at Immercio!

Immercio is ready to develop your central campus “quad” surrounded by lecture halls, auditoriums, traditional classrooms and administrative offices for your corporate university administrators. Large companies and associations need a central place to congregate for meetings, training and development outside of the big annual meeting. Offer you employees, management and executives a place to develop community and build your corporate culture 24x7x365.

What does the ideal campus look like in your mind? Immercio can make it a reality today!

Isn't it logical that Corporate Universities of the future will also have a presence in the 3D Virtual World environment? Corporate training has traditionally been delivered in the classroom. Reaching widely-distributed audiences and achieving economy pushed training to the Web. The flat, 2-dimensional nature of the Internet as we've known it left students and instructors wanting. The desire for interactivity and community pushed chat, IM and message boards into our online learning experience.

A University is more than a community of learners, instructors and curriculum. A University is a place. A place where human relationships and social interaction contribute significantly to the learning process. With the emergence of 3D Virtual Reality technology, corporate universities will be racing to establish a presence in the Virtual World. Immercio is already there - preparing virtual environments for corporate universities that see the future.

Our human nature would have us feel self-conscious about appearance in a group setting. Avatars give your role play participants and sense of anonymity which allows them to focus on the learning activity rather than their appearance in front of a live audience in the real world. At the same time, interactive simulations have an extremely high threshold of reality. The combination of “avatar anonymity” with a high threshold of reality makes for powerful educational environments with profound learning gains.

Immercio offers you a place that becomes your “situational laboratory”. Your team can replicate various environments and unlimited scenarios. Anything can be created in a 3D Virtual environment. Immercio's staff will work with you to customize the environment you envision for effective simulations.

Push the envelope with 3D Simulations that are “Not Possible In Real Life” (NPIRL). The Virtual World has the power to unlock powerful learning scenarios that for your team delivered in virtual classrooms at a fraction of the cost of real world simulations.

Take commonly used Web-conferencing tools to a higher level in Immercio. You're not just “on” the conference call – you're IN the conference call. Our 3D Virtual Immersive Environment allows you to achieve a true sense of community and togetherness. Group interaction and social dynamics will make your presentations more impactful and memorable.

Use the same Web-conferencing applications you know such as public chat, private IM, polls and surveys, the ability to show PowerPoint slides etc. Beyond that, Immercio allows you to present information in dynamic ways that are not possible with traditional Web-conferences. Presenters are able to leverage use the entire room – not just their desktop. Participants are able to dynamically witness the presentation from the unique 3D camera perspective of their choice. Zoom in for close ups. Pan out for a wider view. This freedom to adjust your view allows for greater engagement, interaction and enjoyment.

Move your presentations from the flat, 2D Web-conference to the rich, dynamic, interactive world of 3D Virtual Reality at Immercio!

Take traditional Tele-conferencing and Web-conferencing solutions to the next level with Immercio! Assemble your widely-distributed team in a dynamic 3D Virtual Immersive Environment at Immercio. Create a greater sense of community as you bring your team together “in-world”. Static phone conferences and flat, 2D Web-conferences are not capable of bringing the richness and value of human interaction to your meetings like Immercio can. Dynamic, interactive, memorable business meetings are more productive business meetings.

Why settle for boring and mundane when better meetings are just a mouse click away at Immercio? Get connected, live in 3D!

When your team cannot meet in person, bring your collaboration session into Immercio. We have turn-key, pre-developed 3D business environments and virtual classrooms where your team can get to work. What's more, Immercio offers collaboration tools that are “Not Possible In Real Life” (NPIRL) to aide your collaborative efforts. Team collaboration can actually be more effective, more productive in the Virtual World.

Leverage the power of 3D Virtual Immersive Environments at Immercio today!

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