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Look around on your own or contact us and one of our staff will greet you during normal business hours to show you how to utilize 3-D VIE in your organization, whether large or small. Training and meetings are enhanced, being interactive with no travel expenses. Welcome to Immercio!


A good graphics card and a high speed Internet Connection are all you need to step into the business-world for today's generation. Most computers or laptops made in the last several years will work.

Corporate Firewalls

If you are in a corporate or business setting, you may be behind a firewall maintained by your IT department. If you are having difficulties logging into the Immercio, your IT department may need to give you permissions to access the internet and/or enable a common port.

Using Immercio Is Easy!

You will be asked to install a plug in for your browser to use Immercio. This download is small and only needs to be installed once.

Once Immercio has loaded, choose an avatar, a name, and click the start button. You will be taken to a "dressing room" in which you may edit clothing color or make other changes to your avatar if you wish. Click the button in the lower right corner to enter.

To move around in Immercio you simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard. While standing still you can look around by pressing and holding the left mouse button while moving your mouse around...check it out. There is a little "gear" icon in the top right corner of the screen that will also show movement controls.

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