How does Immercio's 3D Virtual Immersive Environment stack up against other solutions?

There is a lot of talk and hype in the training industry around what are being called “virtual classrooms”. Truth be told, most of the “virtual classrooms” being touted are not truly virtual classrooms.

So what's the difference? Immercio offers a 3D environment. We enable you to meet in a place, a location, a physical space with other people – virtually. Contrast this with flat environment virtual classrooms which only allow you connect on a glorified web-conference.

Virtual classrooms in a 3D virtual environment are far more engaging than virtual classrooms in a flat environment. Our 3D Virtual Classrooms are pre-built and ready for immediate use. We also offer custom builds so you may create unique classroom environments to suit your specific training needs. Immercio offers the next generation in the evolution of virtual classroom technology – today. Welcome to the future.

On conference call, you are a voice on a phone line – a sound emanating from a speaker box on a desk. In Immercio, you are a person with with an identity sharing space in an environment with other people. Your voice has depth and direction in a 3D VIE. Audio on a conference call can be confusing because you may not know who is speaking. Voices have a human identity in a 3D VIE. Each avatar can be titled with your name so your identity is known. Green sound waves are emitted above your avatar's head when you speak. If someone is sitting on you left, you will hear them out of your left ear when they speak. Turn your avatar toward them to pick up duplex audio in both ears. Audio in a 3D VIE has depth and direction – just like in the real world.

Your meetings will be far more interesting and engaging when you are sharing space in the same environment with other people. The effectiveness of your meetings will increase proportionately with your people's ability to communicate with and engage one another. Don't settle for scratchy, boring conference calls. Host more productive meetings at Immercio!

Popular web-conferencing tools like WebEx, GoToMeeting or Adobe Connect fall short of the power of 3D Virtual Immersive Environments. Immerio isn't just a business tool – it's a place. Reach your people in a place – not with a tool. Once your people have arrived at Immercio, you may use similar web-conferencing tools to facilitate your training, meetings or team collaborations. However, your ability to bring your people into the same environment opens up possibilities that simply cannot be achieved with simple web-conferencing.

Immercio empowers you to facilitate situational role plays so you and your team can practice critical exercises in a realistic way. Immercio unlocks creative possibilities that are simply not available with web-conferencing. For example, Immercio allows you to create environments that mimic or replicate that which your people will experience in the real world. In other words, why discuss, collaborate or deliver training on the topic of customer service with PowerPoint slides on a web-conference when you can create the same environment and circumstances under which actual customer service will happen in the real world? How much more effective will your meetings, collaborations and training be when you can bring your people into an environment? When the environment can support circumstances? When the circumstances have application and relevance to your people?

End the web-conference. Enter Immercio. Achieve your greatest potential in a 3D Virtual Immersive Environment.

There may be dozens, or even hundreds of people on a webinar, but it is impossible to share a sense of presence with those other people. Everyone is on their own island on a webinar. In Immercio, everyone is in the same place! Don't just be “on” the webinar. With Immercio, you're IN the webinar with your entire audience. What's more, just like in the real world, before and after the presentation, you're still in the same place with all of the attendees.

Generate additional revenue from your webinars in 3D Virtual Reality. Your event sponsors can display signage or man a booth to engage your event attendees just as you would in the real world at a conference center.

Multi-cast your next webinar by including Immercio. Leverage 3D VIE as a premium option to your prospective attendees. Like a back-stage pass at a concert, Immercio puts conference attendees in a more intimate, interactive setting with the presenter.

In Immercio, attendees can interact with each other to exchange thoughts and ideas in a natural, social way. Hosting a webinar in a 3D VIE takes the webinar experience to a completely different and better level. Isn't that what webinar presenters desire - the best possible experience for their attendees? Why present your message from a flat screen when you can virtually be in the same room with your guests? Give your guests something to really remember! Host your next webinar in the 3D Virtual World at an Immercio auditorium!

Point to point video conferencing makes sense. However, as you add additional points, your screen begins to look like “Hollywood Squares” or the “Brady Bunch”. While having a dozen people from a dozen different locations is obviously clunky over video conferencing, it's as natural as the real world in Immercio. What's more, those same twelve people can easily meet around a conference table or sit in an auditorium or lecture hall. Multiple parties on video conferencing feels like you are trying to piece together a meeting. With Immercio, you are bringing multiple parties into one place where they can achieve a true sense of community and togetherness. When time, travel and budgets don't allow you to meet around your conference table – do the next best thing. Meet in Immercio – together!



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