3D VIE is an acronym for “Three-Dimensional Virtual Immersive Environment”.

We all understand 3D because everyone on the planet was born into it and lives in it every day of our lives. How ironic that the Internet we've know for all these years is largely 2D. Finally, the Internet is beginning to reflect the world we live in. A world with depth, shadows, gravity, physics...

The same as, or very similar to real life, but not actually.

The state of consciousness in which the participant's awareness of physical self is diminished or lost in an engrossing environment; often artificial.

A place. A location. A physical space.

Perhaps the most striking feature of 3D VIE is “environment”. All other business communication platforms are just a conference call. They don't offer a place – a location – a physical space... where people can congregate to experience a true sense of community and togetherness. So why is this important? Because the primary focus of successful meetings, collaborations and training is engaging people – not engaging content.

The purpose of developing brilliant content is not an end unto itself. The purpose of developing brilliant content is to impress upon and enlighten people. Brilliant content is wasted if the delivery platform fails to engage people is is designed to enlighten. Corporations cannot afford wasted time, wasted money, wasted energy. It is for this reason 3D Virtual Immersive Environments are the logical destinations for companies seeking more effective business communication solutions. Web-conferences and tele-conferences are not destinations. Immercio is a destination because it is a place – a place where your people can gather together. A place where your people can achieve a true sense of presence with one another. A place where you can effectively engage your people.

Engage your people – and realize your goals.





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